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"You are only a stranger here once..."

After years of exploring the whole chain of Caribbean  Islands to find the perfect spot for a true vacation home, Nevis was finally discovered.  Small and charming, Nevis has no long runways for large bodied planes nor a deep port for cruise ships.  Consequently, it has remained mostly untouched by "mass" tourism and thus unspoiled. The natives are friendly and the island is small, only 36 square miles but with incredibly varied landscapes - a high mountain at its center, formed by a dormant volcano, a beautiful rain forest with abundant fresh water, rivers and waterfalls, and a belt of beautiful beaches surrounding it all.    Nevis is not only beautiful, but also carries a rich history. In the  eighteeth century it was one of the New World's wealthiest islands, and was often visited by British royalty.  It is also the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton and  was the treasured family home of Admiral Nelson.  The old plantations and sugar mills have been restored and now find new life as classy hotels and restaurants.  Nevis is as well the home of the oldest synagogue in the new world - more evidence that the island's long and varied history offers fascinating exploration for visitors.


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